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Digital transformation for your business requires digital skills development for your people


Digital transformation has the power to reshape every aspect of how you do business, with a focus on improving customer engagement and experience. Digital natives and millennials present in your customer ecosystem, partner communities, and in your workforce think differently. They consume information differently. They learn differently. They are more demanding of your digital systems and business processes, and less forgiving.
All of this means that digital skills are of higher urgency and value to your business than ever before. In fact, enterprise leadership has identified digital skills development as being in the top of their most urgent priorities for 2017 and beyond.
However, while the need for better digital skills is urgent, the capability of organizations to send their people to traditional technical training to develop those skills is under stress. Why? Technical training budgets are stretched to breaking points, as the pace of IT change has increased. Each IT person requires more training to cover more tools and technologies and to cover them in better depth. Also, organizations need to train more people within IT and across other functions in the organization on digital technology.
The results of this new approach, include:
  • Accelerated workforce learning and digital capability expansion
  • Increased access to meaningful learning for your teams
  • Skills development for more people in your organization
  • Skills development delivered with less cost and disruption to your business

HPE Digital Learner provides better learning experiences and outcomes, with less cost and disruption for your business

HPE Digital Learner can assist your organization in keeping up with digital skills development. How? By accelerating the digital maturity of your existing workforce, with better access to more effective learning experiences, complete with guided learner paths, incentives, reporting, mentoring, and metrics.