Technical white paper

Technologies in HPE ProLiant Gen104-socket servers


While organizations identify the right-mix hybrid cloud to enable today's digital transformation, they also require a foundation that offers the performance, expandability, and security required of business-critical workloads. HPE's 4-socket (4P) ProLiant 500 series Gen10 servers deliver on all fronts. This technical white paper highlights key Gen10 differences versus Gen9 predecessors; discusses changes in the system architecture; and describes, in detail, the technologies used in HPE ProLiant 500 series Gen10 servers and how these innovations can help organizations better address hybrid cloud and diverse workload requirements.


Proven to deliver high performance, expandability, and reliability, more businesses are turning to HPE ProLiant 500 series servers to handle their most demanding applications. Whether accommodating large database workloads (SAP, Oracle, and SQL), business critical workloads (ERP, CRM), decision-support applications (business intelligence and analytics), or large-scale consolidation and virtualization, HPE ProLiant 500 series Gen10 4-socket (4P) servers are up to the task.
Gen10 technology in the HPE ProLiant platform maximizes server performance, enabling a new compute experience across all aspects of the infrastructure. Additionally, powerful 4P servers offer greater protection to secure your digital assets. They provide the scale and agility needed to address growing data volumes and accommodate traditional and emerging workloads. They are also easier than ever to manage and control across your hybrid cloud environment.