Solution brief

HPE Education Services

How are you preparing your people to be successful as technology changes?

The pace of change today is faster, more challenging, and farther reaching than ever before. To stay competitive, organizations need to prepare their people to work effectively with digital technology.
IT teams need skills development and training, to work with modern Hybrid Cloud environments, edge computing, and data analytics. Servers, storage, and network technologies along with platform systems are critical for these teams to master. As IDC reports, effective training is delivered to teams in which between 45�55% of the people must be trained and knowledgeable; this is the tipping point at which organizations see the benefits of training investments.
For general workforce professionals, as well, the stakes for technology training are higher. Workers must stay informed about technology advances to know how they and their teams are impacted, to understand how to apply technology benefits to customer service and other competitive efforts, as well as to plan for future business strategies and innovations.