Data sheet

HPE High Performance Computing Cluster Management Solution

Service description

HPE High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster Management Solution provides Customers with assistance in installation, configuration, and understanding the management of the HPE cluster environment. Additionally, the HPC Cluster Management Solution provides a migration path from HPE's Cluster Management Utility (CMU) and the SGI Management Center (SMC) to HPE's next generation cluster management utility HPE Performance Cluster Manager (HPCM). HPE Pointnext skilled consultants help the Customer implement the HPC Cluster Management Solution in order to fully utilize the newly purchased computing power, including solutions for high performance computation, data management, and visualization. HPC Cluster Management Solution is available for purchase at one of four levels:
  • Level 1 - Basic Cluster Implementation: Configuration of HPE Performance Cluster Manager (HPCM), or other cluster management software specifically approved by HPE, and basic operating system images
  • Level 2 - All Level 1 services plus advanced operating system configuration, network integration, and configuration verification
  • Level 3 - All Level 1 and 2 services plus configuration of job schedulers, HPC application integration, and performance benchmarking
  • Level 4 - All Level 1, 2, and 3 services plus extensive on-site configuration and/or extensive performance benchmarking
These services include Customer consultative guidance regarding the architected and factory-integrated solution; system configuration and verification testing of the HPC solution; and knowledge transfer to the Customer's staff.