Data sheet

Aruba Network Optimization Service

Service overview

Aruba Network Optimization Service is designed for Aruba wired and wireless LANs and provides customers with access to Aruba Mobile First campus networking technology expertise to help them to continually optimize and enable pervasive, intelligent, and secure network infrastructure.
This network infrastructure focused optimization service can support communication and embrace campus, cloud, and mobile business applications. This service can provide the help needed to meet Microsoft networking performance metrics for their Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business environment. Aruba Network Optimization Service can help customers to optimize existing Aruba networks and share HPE expert recommendations and best practices for network performance improvement.
By leveraging HPE best practice to assess and optimize networks, HPE helps customers to enable Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business, or other popular voice and video application users to collaborate with anyone without experiencing delays, jitters, or dropped connections. These services focus on the optimization services needed for customer's campus LAN, as well as their indoor, outdoor, public, and private enterprise wireless LAN projects.