Data sheet

Aruba ClearPass Optimization Service

Service overview

The Aruba ClearPass Optimization Service for wired and wireless LANs provides customer with access to Aruba Mobile First technology expertise to help optimize pervasive wireless infrastructure with security features that can support communication in a wide range of locations and deliver business apps wherever people work.
This service focuses on optimizing Aruba ClearPass network access security features for indoor, outdoor, public, and private enterprise networks.
Recurring four times over a 12-month period, the Aruba ClearPass Optimization Service is available with 1-, 3-, or 5-year subscription term options. In the delivery of this service, an HPE network technology consultant is assigned to a customer on-site for five consecutive HPE standard business days for each Aruba ClearPass Optimization Service event. HPE will work closely with customers to help them assess ClearPass optimization opportunities and assist them with mutually agreed-upon Aruba ClearPass related optimization and remediation activities that are managed and directed by customer.