Solution brief

Hybrid cloud management redefined

Simplified hybrid cloud management to build clouds, deploy apps, and gain insights faster

Responding to hybrid cloud challenges

Hybrid cloud adoption supporting digital transformation initiatives and application modernization often result in complex silos of infrastructure environments. Customers are adopting a mix of private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises infrastructure to satisfy a range of IT and application requirements. With a management interface for each environment, speed, control, and visibility across the entire estate are difficult to achieve. HPE OneSphere addresses these challenges.
HPE OneSphere, is a hybrid cloud management platform that provides a unified experience across public clouds, on-premises private clouds, and software-defined infrastructure. Through its software-as-a-service (SaaS) portal, HPE OneSphere provides customers access to a pool of IT resources that spans the public cloud services they subscribe to, as well as their on-premises environments. HPE OneSphere is designed for IT operations, developers, and business executives seeking to build clouds, deploy applications, and gain insights faster.
Delivered as a service, HPE OneSphere provides users with a single point to access all their applications and data from anywhere. Through it, users can build private clouds and connect public cloud resources, resulting in a virtual resource pool.