Power critical applications and accelerate data analytics

HPE Superdome Flex

What if you could process and analyze all your data instantly? Imagine the possibilities that would open up. In retail, you would be able to deliver the right offer to the right person - based on that person's entire purchasing history - right at the point of transaction. Or, in manufacturing, real-time supply-and-demand matching could become a reality. For finance, consider dynamic portfolio risk estimation with up-to-the-minute market information. For the vast majority of organizations, transforming to a business that can take action in real time, based on real-time insights derived from all their data, is a vision. For some, it is a journey they have already begun.
One way companies have started this journey is by moving their data environments to in-memory computing - to accelerate analytics and use more of their data. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and others have evolved their databases to in-memory offerings such as SAP HANA, Oracle Database In-Memory, and SQL Server with in-memory capabilities. However, with data volume, velocity, and variety growing at levels never before seen, the database layer alone can't address the demands or opportunities posed by the data dilemma. What is required is a fundamental shift in compute, a new memory-centric infrastructure paradigm optimized for the data demands of today.

Advancing Memory-Driven Computing

At HPE, we have been leading this innovation with Memory-Driven Computing, a revolutionary architecture that addresses the data dilemma with the promise of previously unobtainable scalability and flexibility. In order to truly harness the full value of in-memory computing - while addressing today's large data sets and tomorrow's growth - an underlying infrastructure constructed from conventional systems will no longer suffice.