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The future telling power of telecom analytics

Business white paper

The difference between good businesses and great business is that the former sells its products to its target market and the latter sells its products to a specific person.

A train to catch-Market outlook

Today, artificial intelligence powering analytics that runs on Big Data is a propelling technology, and that has moved from early adoption to the norm.
Data collected from connections that are provided by the telco operators is becoming an asset as people are more and more connected. Insights are collected from this data that are used for segmentation of the customer and potential customer base, down to the point of single-member segment. This, in return, yields customer loyalty and increased spending. Those insights are also used by the CSPs to determine future behavior based on current and past connectivity, thus obtaining a competitive advantage. The data can be further shared to enable the creation of a new solution, as well as to improve core telecom operations such as customer segmentation, risk and fraud management, and others.
A look into the industry spending on and revenues from analytics software systems show how they are distributed, indicating what is up and coming even for the least forward thinking. Specifically, 2016 showed that most of the product-related revenues have been driven by business analytics, followed by network analytics and revenue assurance.