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How IT decision-makers deliver predictability and drive innovation


Founded in 1994 as Novo Nordisk IT, NNIT A/S wanted to leverage their leadership position as a certified SAP service provider to create a new, value-added SAP HANA cloud service to help accelerate customer time-to-value by streaming the proof of concept and migration process.

The IT teams within these winning companies embrace automation and orchestration, realizing that it is the secret to driving innovation. Automation and orchestration are parts of the same strategy, but each plays a very different role. You automate tasks; you orchestrate processes. You can even compare automation and orchestration to a real-life orchestra.
Conversely, the conductor gathers the musicians together, decides the piece they're going to play, and directs the timing, tempo, frequency, and volume of each musician's task. With that direction, the symphony sounds exactly as the audience expects. Each musician's piece comes together as part of a greater work. Orchestration manages the process, making sure each element works as it should to create a unified whole.

Entwining legacy IT

What do we mean by legacy IT? These are business systems that use older technologies, applications, and programming to perform their function. And, despite being older, these systems support core business functions. They contain data that either cannot or has not been updated or integrated with newer technologies.