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Solution brief

HPE Store More Guarantee

Store more data per terabyte of flash storage than other all-flash arrays - guaranteed

Less is more
Address growing capacity requirements with less flash storage. Store more application data for the same flash budget. Pack more production data per terabyte of raw flash storage than other competitive all-flash arrays.
Save money, space, and power
Extracting the most capacity from your all-flash array lowers costs while also lowering space and power requirements.

Why we can make this guarantee

Imagine giving an Olympic sprinter a 20-meter head-start in a 100-meter race. Can anyone win against such a large advantage? Similarly, HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays provides an advantage by delivering up to 20% more usable capacity before advanced data reduction is applied. After data deduplication, data compression, zero-block elimination, and more - Hewlett Packard Enterprise easily delivers more effective capacity for each terabyte of raw flash.