Solution brief

Maintain your momentum

You're giving your business everything you've got. Don't let storage and backup problems get in the way.

Protect against the unknown

As a small to midsize business, you've got to keep moving at full speed. When everything's working as it should be, the future is bright. But if you're like a lot of businesses, you may have a fatal flaw lurking below the surface that could bring everything to a screeching halt.
If you're using laptops, PCs, or even online cloud software to share and store critical data, you could be heading for some unexpected downtime. PCs crash. Laptops get stolen. Internet connections go down. If any one of these scenarios could put you out of business for a few hours - or a few days - it's time to consider upgrading to server computing.
Reduce downtime and increase reliability and productivity
Your solution starts with HPE ProLiant servers, powered by Intel Xeon processors and optimized and validated to run Microsoft Windows Server 2016. With features such as centralized storage and security, data protection, 24/7 availability, and optional HPE Secure Encryption, HPE Small Business Solutions for Storage and Backup with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 help protect your business, increase efficiency and productivity, and save time and money.