Solution brief

Do more with less

Overcome resource constraints by consolidating workloads onto a single server

More capacity - less complexity

When you're running a small to midsize business, you've got to make the most of everything. Whether that means working through lunch or printing on both sides of the paper, you do what it takes to save time and money so you can plow both back into the business. If you haven't virtualized yet, you're leaving both on the table.
Virtualization lets you allocate resources to applications as needed, so you can run multiple applications on a single server - like accounting, productivity, and payroll apps. That means you can run more applications on the servers you have - helping you do more with less while still managing the increasing number of workloads you rely on to run your business.
Secure, simple, and affordable
HPE Small Business Solutions for Virtualization help you maximize performance and efficiently scale computing capacity while optimizing investments in hardware, software, and maintenance. They are built on HPE ProLiant servers, powered by Intel Xeon processors, and optimized and validated to run ClearOS, ClearVM, Microsoft Windows Server with Microsoft Hyper-V, or VMware vSphere.