Solution brief

Add it up for success

Tip the equation in your favor with a single server that can run multiple business-critical functions

Stick to the basics

It might be the digital age, but the time-tested equation of subtracting costs and increasing productivity is still the key to being successful and competitive.
So how can you do both? If you're finding that PCs or legacy infrastructure can't scale as needed to support a growing workforce and a growing number of applications with the performance and security required, it's probably time to adopt or upgrade to a multi-function server.
A server operates as a central repository for your documents, images, contacts, and other important files, making it easy for employees to share and collaborate. If you choose ClearOS for your operating system, it can provide multiple gateway, network, and cloud functions. If you opt for Microsoft Windows Server, you can run your networking infrastructure (Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP) and still have room for virtualizing applications with Microsoft Hyper-V.