Case study

HPE Technology Partner program changes the game

The speed at which technology can transform ideas into new products, services, or even entire businesses is constantly accelerating. That puts pressure on organizations of all sizes to ensure their IT infrastructures can keep up with the increased velocity of innovation and stay ahead of the next nimble start-up ready to cut into their market share. Traditional infrastructure simply won't do. That's why Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) developed HPE Synergy, a 100% composable infrastructure that lets you execute new ideas instantly and continually.
With HPE Synergy, you can fluidly compose physical, virtual, and private cloud environments to run any application or business workflow. You can also extend HPE Synergy with hybrid and multi-cloud configurations while managing the full array of bare metal, virtual, and cloud resources through a single pane of glass. The key is using CloudController cloud management from InContinuum, a member of the HPE Composable Ecosystem, part of the HPE Partner Ready Program.

Gain the ultimate in flexibility without sacrificing control

InContinuum CloudController enables businesses to take full advantage of HPE Synergy to achieve the ultimate in flexibility without sacrificing ease of management. You can choose whatever operating system, hypervisor, containers, public cloud, private cloud, or associated tools you like, and compose them on HPE Synergy in any combination that suits your business need. Simply register each asset with CloudController for complete management and control through a single, secure interface.