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Data sheet

HPE Vulnerability Analysis Service

Service overview

HPE Vulnerability Analysis Service is designed to help you understand the risk that your business assets and applications are exposed to. By joining forces with Synack, a global and leading provider of crowdsourced penetration testing services, the HPE Vulnerability Analysis Service allows you to conduct a vulnerability scan, penetration testing, threat modeling, and phishing assessment on your critical assets in a simple, flexible, and timely manner.
By leveraging Hydra, the Synack proprietary vulnerability intelligence platform as the base testing system, you can choose to engage the expert researchers from HPE Pointnext or Synack's crowdsourced ethical researchers. This service provides you with comprehensive results to help you identify risk and determine remediation steps.
HPE Vulnerability Analysis Service is available with the following options. Each of these options is available using either Synack crowdsourced or HPE Pointnext researchers for the vulnerability scan and penetration testing components of the service.