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Future-proof your network core with NFV Infrastructure

Prepare your telco network for 5G and the next-generation evolution with the HPE Core NFV Rackmount Blueprint

HPE Network Functions Virtualization

NFVI challenges faced by telcos
Innovation is now about moving away from closed and rigid, monolithic, purpose-built solutions to more open and flexible solutions built on a cloud paradigm for telco data center core networks. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) now have an opportunity to move to a more open, agile, cloudified model that allows for much faster innovation.
As CSPs refocus their efforts from maintaining network stability to driving innovation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) helps take their core through a digital transformation for 5G.
HPE Network Function Virtualization (NFV) offers a new way for CSPs to design, deploy, and manage networking services in their core data centers. By decoupling the network functions from proprietary hardware appliances and embracing virtualization and cloud technologies and techniques, CSPs can accelerate the introduction of new, compelling core services quickly and cost effectively. HPE enables CSPs to reset the cost base of their network operations and create the flexible service delivery environments they need to innovate more quickly and drive revenue.