Solution brief

Storage solutions for Microsoft SQL Server

Data: The core of everyenterprise

Enterprises rely on data to improve key business metrics - for supply chain, operations, customer engagement, and even ROI. In this digital age, the quality of your data and how you operate on it makes your business unique.

The IT generalists' challenge

While slow data delivery - the leading cause of slow application performance - costs about half a million per hour, demands on overworked IT generalists and SQL DBAs continue to increase. How do you:
  • Deliver consistently high performance and availability without spending all your time finding and resolving problems that could be anywhere in your stack?
  • Deliver data copies to all who need them while protecting data simply, quickly, and cost-effectively?
  • Find time to support new application projects - in the cloud and on-premises?
With growing demands and fewer storage experts, one thing is clear: modern infrastructure must do more, so teams can focus on important work.