Solution brief

HPE Rack Security

In our security-focused world, server racks have become more than just a metal box and are now a critical and integral part of the overall security system.

IT security is rack security

Security ranks very high on IT managers' list of priorities, especially given the devastating impact that downtime or data theft can have on a business. In the world of data center security, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to your racks is critical, and depending upon the industry you serve, it may be paramount.

Need for multifactor authentication

For any organization that is storing sensitive information, just controlling building access isn't enough to keep data safe. Controlling access to server racks plays a critical role in protecting against insider threats by ensuring users only have access to systems they are authorized to interact with, and proving who does what and when.

Industry security standards

Most IT managers are often faced with having to comply with a myriad of security regulations that are specific to their industry.