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HPE and Microsoft WSSD Solutions

The need for transformation

The traditional IT environment presents several challenges for businesses looking to more effectively compete in the current digital business economy. Whether upgrading your IT assets and infrastructure, or improving the speed and delivery of services to your employees and customers, the agility and power of your data center is critical to drive innovation and maintain competitive advantage. Transforming today's IT environments to software-defined technologies to meet these challenges has traditionally been time consuming, complex, and ultimately expensive.

The power of Windows Server

At the software level, Windows Server Software-Defined (WSSD) technologies have Microsoft Windows Server 2016 as its foundation. Designed to drive efficiency, provide redundant layers of security, and offer cloud-ready capabilities, it supports even the most complex and demanding workloads - with technologies that make it easy to integrate hybrid cloud services.
Enhanced storage features in Windows Server 2016
  • Protect data in more scenarios for business continuity
  • Build highly available, scalable, software-defined storage