Solution brief

Enabling Blockchain for the Enterprise

Blockchain and the enterprise challenge

Blockchain distributed ledger technology (DLT) is at the top of the Technology Hype Cycle according to Gartner and has the potential to revolutionize value-exchange as profoundly as the internet did information exchange. Blockchain is gaining traction in the enterprise after gaining notice as a technology in Bitcoin applications, where it remains a public, largely consumer-to-consumer implementation, anonymous and fully transparent. But the enterprise has a different set of requirements. Enterprises operate in environments of regulations and laws crossing multiple geographies and jurisdictions, and require transactions between known parties with greater privacy.
With immature solution offerings, limited scalability and lack of resiliency and proper security features, companies are struggling to adopt blockchain. as a solution that can be deemed fit for mission-critical applications. Enterprises are finding that generic infrastructure and public cloud environments cannot support the blockchain requirements they need in terms of performance, security, scalability, and resiliency. Helping our customers meet these requirements is the foundation of HPE's blockchain strategy. HPE's Mission Critical DLT solution is part of an overall approach bringing enterprise-grade capability to blockchain workloads.

The HPE NonStop and R3 partnership

With independently unique and complementary affinities, HPE NonStop and R3 joined hands in 2017 to bring to market an enterprise-grade blockchain solution - HPE Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology. NonStop systems, with more than four decades of Financial Services Industry (FSI) experience, enhance and strengthen the ability of R3's Corda Enterprise platform to directly address FSI concerns of privacy, scalability, and governance. With its proven fault tolerance, data resiliency, massive scalability, fully-integrated software stack and end-to-end and world-class services and support legacy, HPE NonStop together with Corda Enterprise forms an ideal platform to enable large number of business transactions and mission-critical operations in all areas of commerce, cutting across industries and use-cases using blockchain technology.