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Securing your Linux and SAP HANA environments

Today, data security and integrity are top of mind for businesses across the globe. With an ever-increasing rate of cyberattacks, IT organizations are faced with a complex set of challenges around protecting one of the businesses most vital assets - critical data.
  • Are you completely confident of the security compliance of your data center?
  • Is your data center compliance level current?
  • Do you fully understand the risks your data is in?
A recent study shows that over 70% of global organizations are not prepared to handle a sophisticated cyberattack. And the costs are huge - on average, a data breach costs your organization more than $3.62 million. Add to that a more difficult to measure, but very real costs of loss of business-critical data, customer trust, and reputation. With the frequency of these cyberattacks increasing by each passing second, currently standing at approximately 5 million data records each day, you need to take action to protect your data.