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Increase performance and data security with an affordable IT solution

Did you know that cybercriminals target small businesses and older systems because they are often much easier to penetrate? While most data breaches take less than 48 hours to accomplish, they can often go undetected for more than 100 days. During that time, criminals can do damage that costs $11.7 million.
For cost-effective protection against cybercrime, choose HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers with ClearOS and ClearVM. Advanced security features, like silicon root of trust, create a digital fingerprint in the silicon that prevents the server from booting with compromised firmware. HPE is also the only vendor to comply with Commercial National Security Algorithms (CNSA) to keep your most confidential information within your server protected.
In addition, unique HPE technology can provide double-digit performance improvements by dynamically configuring server resources to match specific workloads. That makes it possible for you to consolidate more applications on a single server, reduce costs, and improve performance.