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Case study

HPE Nimble Storage delivers competitive edge and cloud data protection for Stupp Bros.

Infrastructure manufacturer, Stupp Bros., adopted HPE Nimble Storage flash arrays, boosting performance as much as 75% over its legacy storage and enabling advanced analytics for competitive advantage. The company also deployed HPE Cloud Volumes as part of a multi-layer data protection strategy and to set the stage for public cloud computing.

Picture the United States in the mid-1850s. It was still a vast rural landscape and a largely agrarian society. But that was beginning to change. The industrial revolution had spurred new innovations. The steam engine was beginning to chug across the country. Great mid-western cities, like St. Louis, were rising in its path. The whole nation was coming of age, ushering in a new era of growth and upward social mobility. And that nation needed infrastructure.
It was there in St. Louis, in the heart of the country and in the midst of a burgeoning industrial economy, that Stupp Bros. established its business manufacturing steel girders and other components for bridges and buildings. It was a family business then, in 1856, and it remains a family business today, even as Stupp has expanded to encompass bridge fabrication, steel line pipe manufacturing for the energy industry, and a range of construction and financial services.
Stupp Bros. has literally built much of the infrastructure of the United States. And as the company grew, it had to build its own internal infrastructure to keep up with the times. Of course, today that includes information technology as much as it does manufacturing plant and offices. In fact, IT is now integral to nearly every aspect of the business. According to John Roosa, chief information officer for Stupp Bros., it's that very point that has driven fundamental changes in the role IT plays.