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Multi-access Edge Computing for IoT applications

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Saguna create cloud-computing cloudlets at the access network, close to end users and connected devices, allowing CSPs to turn their networks into powerful cloud computing infrastructure.

Imagine a world where cars can alert you of dangerous drivers, cities that provide intelligent parking, congestion management, pollution detection and mitigation, emergency response and security, a factory where sensors capture and report data in real-time, creating intelligent automation and orchestration, and such in industries like manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and logistics. We are almost there.

This is the world of 5G.

This new generation of applications fuels the need for technological advancements for new business opportunities for mobile operators. To realize these business opportunities, edge computing is required.

Business challenge

Data is being generated tremendously, and this data is of no use until it is analyzed, processed, and actionable. This is the foundation of Internet of Things (IoT). It is unrealistic and improbable to think that every piece of data is sent to or will reach the cloud for processing.
With the explosion of data being generated, the three main business challenges that prevent all applications from running exclusively in the cloud are
  • Latency: Applications need local cloud services operating close to the edge devices to analyze the data at the edge, thus minimizing latency for time-critical actions.
  • Bandwidth: Even if latency issues are surmountable, the economics (cost) of hauling large amounts of data (for example, video data) from the edge to the cloud for processing becomes expensive and inefficient.
  • Security: Furthermore, the data that is processed at the source (edge) is more secure as sensitive information is handled locally, addressing the data sovereignty issues.
The previously mentioned challenges are the reasons why the market is seriously trending toward exploring edge computing and processing.