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Highlight your unique offerings with highly personalized pages within the Cloud28+ ecosystem.

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In today's data-driven world, disruption and continuous innovation are the new norm. Customers are looking for trusted partners to deliver the tailored solutions and services they need to accelerate digital transformation and grow their businesses. How can you break through the noise and grab their attention?
Cloud28+ has become a go-to-cloud marketplace, enabling you to put your brand on center stage and give customers the solutions they're looking for - and that create a growth engine for your business.
It's time to step into the spotlight
HPE is enhancing the Cloud28+ community with the addition of Cloud28+ Spotlight Pages. These pages are designed to increase your visibility and amplify your voice and brand.
Spotlight pages allow partners, groups, and programs to create highly personalized pages to display your brand and visual identity, while featuring apps, services, and content that are important for your customers. Based on a subscription model, they allow you to leverage integrated digital marketing tools as an engine for your business without driving up costs.