Capitalize on industrial data at the edge

Manufacturers are looking at digital technologies to speed and enhance decision-making for both existing and new processes. Deploying analytics within the plant or factory can dramatically improve decision speed, lower cost, and reduce risk.

The new face of manufacturing

Getting smarter, faster, leaner, and greener
Today's manufacturers are under increasing pressure from new digitally native competition, as well as from societal and regulatory changes. These pressures are directly affecting production processes.
Digital technologies can release these pressures by capturing more data from assets and systems to create and speed new insights. As part of a digital transformation, edge computing can turn sensor data into insights from the industrial environments where the data is created. By analyzing data where it is created, advanced edge computing can be utilized to:
  • Improve productivity by monitoring, aggregating, and processing industrial data in near real time to reduce unplanned downtime.
  • Provide an autonomous IT environment for remote sites that have limited or sporadic connectivity.
  • Improve worker safety by deploying connected worker technologies.
  • Speed maintenance with augmented reality to show system performance and warning signs of failures.