Support smarter decision-making with video analytics

Video is becoming a universal IoT sensor for providing physical security, as well as ensuring asset tracking, quality assurance, and worker safety. Video cameras create enormous amounts of data, which must be captured and analyzed at the edge when events occur, rather than after the fact.

Take immediate action

Based on deeper, faster, more accurate insight
Once a mainstay of financial institutions and retail stores to reduce loss/theft, video is increasingly being used to automate analysis of a number of events from people, places, and things:
  • Public safety
  • Physical security (facility/perimeter protection)
  • Quality assurance
  • Employee/contractor/event safety
  • Traffic optimization and many more
To be implemented successfully, massive amounts of data gathered from video cameras must be analyzed in a timely manner. Both the size of the data sets and the urgency required to make decisions can create challenges for existing video analytics infrastructures.