Technical white paper

A platform for delivering superior HPC cloud services

Executive summary

For enterprises, managing on-premises HPC environments is a challenge. Organizations are constrained by data center space, available power, environmental considerations, time and complexity to deploy new infrastructure, and the significant investments required. As the range of HPC workloads has expanded to include Big Data, analytics, and various AI applications, these challenges have become acute.
Not surprisingly, HPC users have long been interested in the potential of cloud computing to address these challenges. However, until recently, cloud providers have struggled to provide the level of service required to deliver it economically. HPC users need secure, state-of-the-art HPC environments that provide performance on par with best-in-class on-premises environments. They also need these environments to be available with public cloud experience.
Fortunately, innovations are rapidly making this vision of noncompromise, composable HPC infrastructure as a service (IaaS) a reality. In this paper, we look at the architecture behind Hybrid HPC IaaS Solution from HPE and show how HPC operators of all kinds can leverage it as a platform for innovation. Based on innovative HPC Foundation technologies from Intel, the HPC IaaS Solution enables enterprises and cloud providers to deliver high-value infrastructure and application services for even the most demanding HPC requirements.