Case study

BSO achieves seamless, worldwide access to business-critical services


High availability is key
When you're not the biggest player in the market, you have to work smart and that's the secret of success for global network, cloud and hosting expert, BSO. This privately owned international company is led by technologists who continually invest in its network and data centers to create market-leading, progressive solutions that deliver competitive advantage for its clients.
It is this agile business model and growth mindset that has allowed BSO to expand quickly into new territories and in addition to its Dublin headquarters, it now has offices in London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Casablanca, Davao City in the Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong. After 14 years of service, it has 103 worldwide data centers and exchange locations that deliver 99.999% availability.
Its network features 96,000 miles of submarine cables and it has 350 clients across 23 countries, operating in highly demanding sectors such as finance, enterprise, e-commerce, broadcast, energy, and wholesale.