Case study

Semitour uses hyperconvergence to modernize its system

Semitour operates cultural sites, and accommodation and leisure facilities in the Dordogne region. Its obsolete computer architecture and the opening of the International Center for Cave Art, encouraged it to modernize its infrastructure by opting for HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure. The result - high availability, secure data, and an active BCP.

The challenge

To modernize the information system
As a manager of cultural sites, accommodation, and leisure activities, Semitour is the leading tourism management company in the Dordogne department. It is a semi-public company, with the aim of developing tourist numbers at its sites and optimizing its economic results while preserving the fundamental principles of public service. The sites that it manages fall into four categories - cultural sites (castles, caves, parks, and such), accommodation sites (campsites, self-catered cottages, chalets and mobile homes, package tours, and activities), water sports leisure centers (lakes), and its head office.
In November 2016, Paul Guiteau took up his position as Information Systems Manager at the company. His first observation was that the IT architecture was old, with servers at the end of their useful life, slow SDSL connections of 8 Mbps, and problematic air conditioning. Also, just at this time, Lascaux was opening, an ultramodern building where the different areas use the latest digital tools including augmented reality and 3D screens. This International Center for Cave Art has several air-conditioned IT rooms, a double optic fiber connection, and a triple power supply. Most importantly, digital technology is reaching its full potential here, with Big Data being associated with the notion of Museum 2.0.
Geolocated tablets for visitors
For example, visitors equipped with tablets are geolocated by the applications, allowing access to content in their respective languages and a personalized route. Not to mention the fact that visitors can access additional multimedia information after their stay on-site. Result - after six months of operation at the Lascaux site, which received 500,000 visitors in 2017, Paul Guiteau decided it was time to launch the overall modernization of Semitour's IT.