Case study

HPE Nimble Storage and Veeam boost performance and data protection for iland cloud services

HPE Nimble Storage predictive flash arrays integrated with Veeam Availability Suite enable global cloud service provider, iland, to deliver high performance, strong security, and assured data protection for its cloud hosted and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offerings.

Putting critical business applications and data in the cloud requires a service provider that can ensure availability, performance, and security. That's why companies around the world put their trust in iland. It's also why iland relies on HPE Nimble Storage predictive flash arrays integrated with Veeam Availability Suite to deliver its Secure Cloud Hosting and Secure DRaaS with Veeam solutions.
"We were attracted to Nimble because of its data encryption capabilities," says Darren Quinn, cloud architect at iland. "We also needed a flash-accelerated storage solution that offered our customers better performance at an economical price point. HPE Nimble Storage was the ideal choice."

HPE Nimble Storage flash arrays speed customer onboarding

With HPE Nimble Storage predictive arrays and Veeam Availability Suite, iland can assure its cloud customers of getting the performance, security, and data protection they demand. Flash-fueled storage delivers sub-millisecond response times - key to meeting customer service-level agreements (SLAs). And the integrated HPE Nimble-Veeam DRaaS solution allows customers to replicate their virtual machines to any of iland's global cloud locations, and spin them up in an instant, in the event of a disaster.
HPE and Veeam also enable iland to onboard new customers quickly. This is a key competitive advantage over other cloud service providers using traditional storage that may take hours or days to provision for a new customer.