Technical white paper

From Digital Identities to a Digital Persona


Service providers, whether they classify themselves as communications service providers (CSPs) or digital service providers (DSPs), currently have some form of techniques in place to validate users who consume their services. These techniques that fall into the identity management realm are pivotal for ensuring accurate billing as well as for even support of emergency services.
These techniques have stood service providers in good stead. However, the impact of cloud and cloud-based services such as 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) use cases such as connected car are driving a fundamental redesign of both the scope of identity management and the reference architecture that supports it.
While this process is still ongoing, one thing is clear. In order to meet these new requirements, new holistic identity management approaches that can be applied universally to both traditional and nontraditional service provider services are necessary. This will demand that service providers take action immediately to ensure they can successfully monetize the migration of services from a legacy architecture model to software distributed cloud model. Accordingly, the purpose of this white paper is to analyze the evolution path of identity management as well as documenting the technology requirements for successfully implementing a universal identity management strategy.