Case study

The Sourcing Company achieves growth with hybrid cloud


Regulatory compliance in an online world
Today's organizations are increasingly moving to public cloud, but regulatory and other requirements require them to run some applications on-premises. To meet the needs of the organization, IT is relying on a hybrid cloud model that complements the flexibility and scalability of public clouds with the security and privacy of private clouds.
Having offered cloud solutions since 2007, Dutch cloud provider The Sourcing Company (TSC) understands this only too well. TSC provides its customers a multi-tenant cloud environment across data centers in the Netherlands, leveraging the Microsoft public Azure Cloud to offer online workspace productivity tools, including Office 365.
To expand its service offerings to customers, in 2017 TSC introduced an online workspace for its legal clients called Magistra, where users could track time, create and share documents, maintain contacts and more. "Our Magistra portal combines Office 365 with lawyer software packages and in-house scripts," reveals Ronald Verweij, CEO and founder of The Sourcing Company. "But regulatory requirements prevented us placing any business-critical or privacy-sensitive data or applications in the public cloud, limiting the full use of Magistra."
To meet these regulatory requirements, TSC needed a hybrid cloud solution that would easily integrate with the Azure public cloud, while maintaining the regulatory requirements its clients demanded. To meet the demands of its legal customer base, TSC turned to Hewlett Packard Enterprise.