Data sheet


HPE NonStop XYGATE CMON (XCM) is a fully supported $CMON process for load balancing, resource allocation, user security, and TCP/IP port control.

Load balancing

HPE XCM enhances system load balancing by adding several controls and libraries allowing security administrators to extend traditional $CMON functionality.
Using HPE XCM, you can dynamically determine the right CPU to assign a newly created process for proper and efficient distribution of workloads across HPE NonStop resources. You can limit the priority that can be assigned to a process and restrict unnecessary high-priority traffic, freeing up resources to where they are truly needed.
The suite of HPE XCM libraries allow the security administrator to extend $CMON control to programs that do not have an interface with $CMON. These libraries also extend Safeguard alias support to all HPE XCM security and load-balancing rules.