Technical white paper

Unified protected ROBO with HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure

1. Executive summary

Many businesses are constrained by legacy remote office/branch office (ROBO) IT infrastructure that isn't well suited for today's highly virtualized IT environments. A typical ROBO site includes a diverse collection of discrete IT solutions including networking, storage and server platforms, and data protection solutions - often supplied by different vendors. Turning up a new office, deploying a new application, or expanding capacity can be an error-prone, time-consuming process involving a number of different technology platforms and administrative interfaces. Troubleshooting problems and performing routine operational tasks can be just as arduous - especially since ROBO sites are often unattended.
To make matters worse, most ROBO sites are connected over relatively low-speed WAN links that make data protection and recovery a challenge. Many IT organizations are simply unable to meet stringent RTO/RPO goals using legacy data protection solutions.