Solution brief

Flex your database

Expand and protect your database with greater flexibility using an HPE Small Business Solution for Multi-function with Microsoft Windows Server and Azure Services.

Plan for the future

As the number of applications increases that you rely on to run your business, your database server strains under the pressure. If PCs or legacy infrastructure can't scale as needed with the performance and security required, it's time to adopt or upgrade to a Hybrid IT solution.
HPE Small Business Solutions for Hybrid Database with Microsoft start with an on-premises HPE Small Business Solution for Multi-function, based on an HPE ProLiant server powered by Intel Xeon processors.
With Microsoft Azure Services, you can access Azure SQL Server in the cloud with a flexible platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model that lets you scale as needed to keep pace with application demands. Azure Files and Azure Backup help you keep your database available and protected with a robust business continuity plan that backs up data in the cloud and on-premises. Data is encrypted at rest and in motion for security and compliance.