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Make a backup plan

Clear skies ahead

When your team is working together seamlessly, the future looks bright. But if you're using PCs, mobile devices, or even an older server to store and share business files, you could be in for some stormy weather. It's not a matter of if one of those devices will crash or get lost or stolen, it's a matter of when.
While it can be challenging for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to plan for business continuity, it's also absolutely critical. HPE Small Business Solutions for Hybrid File and Backup are ready-to-go solutions that enable you to adopt a simple yet robust business continuity plan.
The solution uses a combination of Azure Files and Azure Backup with an on-premises HPE ProLiant server, powered by Intel Xeon processors. Microsoft Azure Backup automatically copies your files both to Azure Files in the cloud, and to the HPE ProLiant server at your office. And data is encrypted at rest and in motion for security and compliance.