Business white paper

Artificial Intelligence for an Autonomous Data Center


Managing infrastructure has always brought with it frustration, headaches, and wasted time. That's because IT professionals have to spend their days, nights, and weekends dealing with problems that are disruptive to their applications and businesses and manually tune their infrastructure. And, the challenges increase as the number of applications and reliance on infrastructure continue to grow.

Luckily, there is a better way. HPE InfoSight is artificial intelligence (AI) that predicts and prevents problems across the infrastructure stack and ensures optimal performance and efficient resource use.

In this paper, we will explore how HPE InfoSight with its recommendation engine paves the way for an autonomous data center, so IT can focus its efforts on creating value for the business.

Making the case for autonomous

Every business leader is aware of Digital Transformation. However, underpinning this is the need for infrastructure to consistently and reliably deliver data to its applications. Businesses simply cannot afford any disruptions or delays or the degree of high-touch resources that are needed today.
Next-generation storage platforms, such as HPE Storage's enterprise flash arrays, continue to drive up storage and application performance specs. However, fast storage alone cannot ensure reliable, nondisruptive access to data or eliminate the manual attention needed. The complexity of infrastructure inevitably affects businesses and the people who administer it.
As much as IT works to move their business ahead, infrastructure continues to hold them back. The result is an endless cycle of break-fix-tune-repeat.