Technical white paper

HPE InfoSight for HPE 3PAR StoreServ

Executive summary

Technology today is expanding, probably even at a higher rate than ever recorded in history. The expansion of technology has led to faster, smaller, denser, and more nimble storage models. Storage models demand a better analytic approach to management. The days of magnetic heads floating precariously over the recording area of the disk platter will soon be a memory as solid-state drives (SSDs) now fill the need of most enterprise customer storage. The SSD has not only significantly reduced the time to access achieved data but has also significantly increased the size of data retention.
To assist today's data architects and storage operations centers, storage vendors must invest in tools which assist customers and offer insights into the storage operations. These tools should assist in capacity planning, operational overview of their current storage, and the analytics for maintaining their storage environment.
HPE 3PAR is building on the analytics platform offered by HPE Nimble Storage and is introducing an extension of HPE InfoSight to provide cross-stack analytics to HPE 3PAR Storage systems running HPE 3PAR OS 3.3.1 and HPE 3PAR OS 3.2.2 MU4. HPE InfoSight offers all HPE 3PAR Storage systems detailed views of their HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage systems via global visibility. It also offers insights into HPE StoreOnce archival systems and HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC). Of course, users can also view and manage their HPE Nimble Storage systems via HPE InfoSight.