Protect Your Data Wherever It Resides

Protecting your business in a new world

Enterprises are under pressure to deliver public cloud-like experiences and services to their internal customers and business groups. Application developers and administrators in an organization look to Microsoft for a seamless cloud-like experience across their on-premises infrastructure and off-premises cloud. Consequently, demand for hybrid cloud environments is rising. The challenge is to deploy the Right Mix of Microsoft Azure Stack (private cloud), Microsoft Azure (public cloud), and traditional IT.
Data is a core asset of all businesses and could be lost due to unexpected situations arising from hardware failure, human error, or natural disaster. For this reason, hybrid cloud transformation requires organizations to protect the data wherever it resides - in traditional IT or a private or public cloud. A data protection solution must not only integrate seamlessly with existing backup software, but also provide the option of keeping backup stores in the public cloud for low-cost, long-term retention and disaster recovery.
Wherever you run workloads, a hybrid backup infrastructure ensures that performance and cost are aligned with the value of the backup data. You need an end-to-end solution that integrates local and cloud storage and enables a single point of management.