Solution brief

Next-generation storage for SAP HANA

As SAP customers move to SAP HANA, they have an opportunity to update their infrastructure and implement the latest and greatest storage. Although SAP HANA is an in-memory database, storage plays a critical role in guaranteeing high performance and persistence in case of a server or data center failure. Customers demand the highest availability and performance from their storage systems to enable this transition to SAP HANA.

HPE Nimble Storage solutions

HPE Nimble Storage arrays are ideal for meeting the demanding needs of SAP HANA. These solutions address various workloads ranging from small, on-premises S/4HANA environments to large, scale-out service provider infrastructures. HPE Nimble Storage arrays are SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) certified and deliver exceptional performance, availability, and artificial intelligence. HPE Nimble Storage solutions meet the TDI requirements of all SAP HANA environments. These solutions offer:
  • Full certification for SAP HANA: HPE Nimble Storage arrays exceed all certification requirements for SAP HANA. HPE Nimble Storage models AF40, AF60, AF80, HF20, HF40, and HF60 are certified as enterprise storage for SAP HANA TDI.
  • Performance: SAP HANA requires super-fast storage I/O to prevent slowing down in-memory updates. HPE Nimble Storage systems meet the demanding performance requirements of SAP HANA while providing the ability to easily scale.
  • Availability: When SAP HANA is running your business, availability is crucial for mission-critical platforms. The HPE Nimble Storage system high-availability architecture offers 99.9999% guaranteed uptime as proven by HPE InfoSight.
  • Artificial intelligence: HPE InfoSight enables the shift toward an autonomous infrastructure that predicts and prevents problems before they affect your SAP environment. It provides a support experience you can actually rely on.