Case study

Everything clicks for Netsindo with HPE ProLiant and ClearOS

When everything comes together

Sometimes things just click. It's as true in our day-to-day existence as it is in the IT world, and it's a reminder that conventional wisdom and industry trends don't always mean the best outcomes for business.
It's something Andi Riza, owner of Indonesian IT service provider, Netsindo, experienced when he first discovered ClearOS - then called ClarkConnect - several years ago. At the time, he was managing IT for small and medium-sized businesses in Indonesia with Microsoft Windows Small Business Server as his main platform. His company, Netsindo, was looking for simpler, more cost-effective ways to help its customers. And that's when it happened.
"When I first saw it, I recognized it as a huge opportunity to bring Linux into places that normally wouldn't adopt it," Riza recalls. "ClearOS makes Linux easy to understand - I was really excited the first time I used it."

Evangelist for change

So excited, in fact, that he quickly started Indonesia's first ClearOS user group and began authoring a book on the subject. Today, Riza teaches ClearOS to his community and his user group now boasts 10,000 members.