Frequently asked questions

HPE Training Credits FAQs

1. Q: How do I know when my HPE Training Credit Agreement is set up?

An HPE Training Credit welcome letter is sent to the person named as the owner or administrator once the HPE Training Credit Agreement has been set up. Note that HPE Training Credits ordered with HPE hardware will not be set up until the HPE hardware ships. It is very important that the person who will monitor the usage of the account is named (along with a phone number and an email) when the HPE Training Credit order is placed. Try to avoid providing the accounting office, for example, or a generic email address as the point of contact as this only causes confusion when we try to contact the actual account owner. If you are expecting an HPE Training Credit welcome letter, check with the person who placed the order.

2. Q: How do I use my HPE Training Credits?

Customers receive an HPE Training Credit welcome letter, which will provide details such as how to use and how to access account balances and usage.