Data sheet

HPE CS750/CA750 for VMware FW/SW Upgrade Service

Service overview

HPE ConvergedSystem 750 (CS750) and HPE Converged Architecture (CA750) are comprised of hardware, firmware, and software designed and tested to work together as one solution. HPE CS750 is assembled, configured, and shipped from an HPE factory while HPE CA750 is built on-site by qualified HPE partners with a fixed software stack for use in virtualized data center environments.
The FW/SW upgrade service for HPE CS750/CA750 for VMware provides you with an upgrade path for your solution to the most current HPE approved FW/SW recipe - while preserving the integrity of the pretested, prebuilt virtualization formula. The objective of this service is to ensure that your HPE CS750/CA750 has the latest supported firmware and software configuration and that all components of your solution meet necessary support and interoperability requirements. This service is available for customers with systems that are currently running the previous version (N-1) or two versions (N-2) from the most current FW/SW recipe.
Older HPE CS750/CA750 systems on recipes that are older than N-2, or recipes that have been modified without the expressed approval of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, may result in system instability and increased service charges.