Data sheet

HPE NonStop Middleware Tools for Java

For about three and half decades, HPE NonStop systems have been at the forefront of mission-critical computing. The HPE NonStop fundamentals are continuous availability, near linear scalability, and high data integrity. They have been ensuring that business applications deployed on HPE NonStop continue to be available to the end user at their rated performance with absolute security and integrity of data-at-rest and data-in-motion.
A few software products are native to HPE NonStop Open System Services (OSSs) that form the components underpinning the uncompromising mission-critical qualities of HPE NonStop. Some of these products are the Transaction Services/Massively Parallel (TS/MP), the Transaction Management Facility (TMF), and the HPE NonStop data sources such as the Enscribe file system and the SQL/MX database. Unless an application integrates well with these components it may not leverage their advantages and hence the HPE NonStop fundamentals, which may result in compromising one or more of its availability, scalability, or data integrity.
Over the years as the computing and programming paradigms underwent improvements, Hewlett Packard Enterprise also brought in modern hardware, new languages, and programming techniques on to HPE NonStop platform. This provided its customers with the best of what technological advances have to offer but without ever compromising on its fundamentals. HPE has regularly released tools, connectors, libraries, and other mechanisms to bridge the native components with modern applications.