Solution overview brochure

A Data Lake to Accelerate Real-time Analytics

Faster insights to drive new business opportunities

Enterprises can no longer wait weeks or even days to generate analytics and to uncover new business insights. To compete in the current market, enterprises must continuously acquire data on their customers, suppliers, partners, and competitors in their market.
The digital transformation is now delivering systems, smart devices out on the edge and new applications to capture and analyze massive datasets, all in real time. This enables businesses to leverage data from traditional data warehouses as well as new data streams coming in from the edge.
This trend is not unique to a few industries, but goes across a wide swath of industry use cases, including Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, to name a few. The driving objective is to exploit new ingest streams and to make real-time decisions on this data, achieving new operational efficiencies, identifying new revenue streams and ultimately, improving customer satisfaction. Some of the key challenges customers face in attempting to make this transition would include:
  • Lack of comprehensive infrastructure solution purpose-built from Edge-to-Core-to-Data Lake for Big Data Analytics Solutions.
  • Slow performing legacy Hadoop solutions leading to infrastructure cluster sprawl.