Case study

HPE Nimble Storage helps Bendigo Telco transform IT to accelerate new service delivery

By consolidating its storage infrastructure onto HPE Nimble Storage Flash Arrays, Australian managed service provider, Bendigo Telco, simplified the way it delivers, manages, and supports storage and backup services for its hosted customers, improving agility to meet wide-ranging workload requirements while increasing performance and reducing costs.

Businesses in Australia's major metropolitan areas have access to the most advanced telecom and cloud services imaginable from the country's big players. But outside the big cities, regionally based businesses may be challenged to find the same modern services - at least, not at a price that fits their more modest budgets. Bendigo Telco aims to change that situation.
Bendigo Telco is laser focused on serving the local communities and businesses in which it operates - primarily the less-populated regions of the country. The company offers its customers a wide range of technology solutions to enable digital initiatives, like smart cities and Big Data analytics. This includes everything from local data networks and communication services to public cloud and as-a-service offerings. While technology is an integral part of the business, Jarrod Draper, executive general manager of Bendigo Telco's Business & Enterprise Division, is quick to point out that building community is the top priority.
"We always look first at what our communities and business customers need to grow and be successful," says Draper. "We then turn to technology as an enabler in that effort."
Storage is one of those key enabling technologies, essential to manage customers' production data and backups. However, in its effort to choose storage to address wide-ranging and evolving customer requirements, Bendigo Telco ended up with a mixed bag of platforms and architectures, including Dell EMC block storage, Pure Storage flash arrays, and SwiftStack for aggregating direct-attached storage.