Technical white paper

HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems management


Today, enormous volumes of Big Data are created at the edge - including manufacturing floors, college campuses, wind farms, power plants, oil rigs, telecommunications outposts, sports arenas, and intelligent vehicles. These unprecedented volumes are driving demand for powerful, data center-class compute and management technology at the edge, where the data is created and must be analyzed.
HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems bring together the best features and practices from the IT world with the unique requirements of the operations technology (OT) world in a single, ruggedized system that implements data center-level compute and management technology at the edge. To facilitate the convergence of OT and IT, HPE designed the Edgeline portfolio with three foundational principles in mind:
The first two principles are covered in detail in our Edgeline Family Guide, which focuses on how HPE is extending the enterprise from the data center and cloud to the edge. This technical white paper covers the third point, offering details on HPE products and services that enable enterprise-class management at the edge, as depicted in Figure 1.