Data sheet

HPE Datacenter Care for Nimble Storage Services

Service overview

This data sheet addendum to the HPE Datacenter Care data sheet describes the HPE Datacenter Care for HPE Nimble Storage Service features, which are an optional extension of HPE Datacenter Care services. HPE Datacenter Care for HPE Nimble Storage Service features specified in this data sheet addendum can be incorporated in the mutually agreed HPE Datacenter Care Services statement of work (SOW) as more specifically described in this document.
HPE Datacenter Care for HPE Nimble Storage Service builds upon the customer's HPE Datacenter Care support experience by providing proactive support deliverables that are specifically for HPE Nimble Storage products. As part of the HPE Nimble Storage solution block, the customer account team will include a new resource - the HPE Proactive Support Manager (PSM). The PSM is peaked on HPE Nimble Storage products and will use the HPE InfoSight software, cloud support, and management portal to review storage availability and health. HPE InfoSight utilizes predictive analytics designed to deliver storage health insights in specific areas and uses HPE best practices to improve and scale the customer's HPE Nimble Storage resources.

Service benefits

  • This service will assist the customer by providing advice to help optimize the integration and configuration of the HPE InfoSight software to enable the collection and reporting of array analytics and predictive algorithms
  • Assist with proactive issue identification and advice on potential mitigation of risks